D.C./Georgetown Trip

Before my Junior year of high school I basically spent the whole summer on the east coast playing soccer. I started the summer off at WUSTL then off to UNC then a week in Hilton Head with the family and ended the summer touring and playing at countless schools along the East Coast. One of the schools was Georgetown. It was actually at Georgetown that I figured out I really didn’t want to play soccer in college…haha long story, but I remember thinking how cool it would be to go to Georgetown, a school with so much history and such a good basketball program ;). Well, fast forward 7 years and I am now a Hoya! This trip was so surreal, to think that I go to this school just blew my mind. As I was checking out in one of the restaurants nearby someone asked me if I went to Georgetown and I had to remember that I did!

Anyway, this trip was for school, but I added some fun in as well. It ended up being an exhausting trip, but so totally worth it!

I flew in early Thursday morning and after dropping my stuff off at the hotel headed to the National Mall to do some sight seeing. Not going to lie, as fun as this trip was I missed having Sean to adventure with me, and it made me so excited to go back up there with him! But I packed in as much as I could in that one day:

Library of Congress, Supreme Court, Capitol building, National Archives, Natural History museum, American History museum, Smithsonian castle, Washington monument, WWII memorial, Korean memorial, Lincoln memorial, and Vietnam memorial…yes all that!

After a full day of touring I headed back to Georgetown. I also learned that when telling a taxi driver where you want to go it’s good to be as specific as possible. For example I did not specify Georgetown University when I told them where to go and simply left it as, Georgetown. So I got dropped off about 2 miles from my hotel…whoops! But the walk was not bad because the Georgetown area is so darling! I fell in love with the front porches and the row homes, and the brick pathways. It was so charming and inviting and I loved it!

And then there’s Georgetown’s campus. Now it’s not as big as BYU (not even close!), but it is beautiful. Considering it’s in the middle of a huge city it feels like such a small community.img_5995

Friday was a busy day of classes, a tour of campus and meeting all our classmates. That was my favorite part of this trip. Actually getting to meet the people I’ve been studying with for the past year! My friend Sandra and I have had pretty much every class together since we started and I would not have gotten this far without her! It felt like we’d been friends for years which made the weekend that much better! We also met some new friends and got to spend time getting to know them, I of course had to have us all take some pictures together :).

Saturday was again spent in class, GUTA training, and a rain storm. The whole weekend whenever someone said GUTA, which is genitourinary teaching assistant, all I could think of was the She’s the Man Quote when she says, “why yes my favorite’s gouda.” haha, such a good movie! Basically it was how we learned to perform prostate and pelvic exams and it wasn’t as bad as I expected!

Finally Sunday was our testing day. Unfortunately I let my maiden name of Holiday go when I got married so I was saddled with one of the last testing times for the day thanks to my last name (but really i love my last name ;). So in an attempt to kill time I decided to go for a run. I first planned on maybe a 2 miler which quickly turned into a 5 miler as I got lost, but it was one of the best runs I’ve been on for a while. It was cool, no one was out yet (it was 7am on Sunday), and the scenery was great! At one point I began running through a graveyard, but then decided I better not since they really creep me out! But the view was so great…img_6008

So that afternoon I tested out, passed, and we were finally able to relax!img_6031We spent the rest of the evening exploring some more. We even checked out the “exorcist steps” which were the steps they filmed the movie on, I haven’t seen the movie, but I guess this scene is pretty famous.

To finish off the night we had a pinning ceremony where we recited the FNP oath and received our pins (I don’t what it is with nursing and pins). We spent the night eating, laughing, talking and then said goodbye again until May, when we do this all over again!

Side note: A guy in the program with me, Jarad, went to the University of Utah and throughout of the semester I’d been giving him a super hard time about it (I had to do it!). So a few weeks ago he said he was going to bring me a U shirt to wear at OCI…well he did. Haha, I didn’t think he would, but since it made the trip all to DC I had to put it on:


I’m so grateful for the opportunity to go to Georgetown and study nursing and for the chance to get to know all these wonderful people!

My flight didn’t leave until 8pm monday (well it ended up getting cancelled so it never left at all) so I again spent the day exploring. The highlight: Georgetown cupcakes. I got a butterscotch waffle cone one, life changing. Seriously sososososo good!

After my flight was cancelled monday night I caught a 6am flight back and finally made it home. As you can see this trip was chalk full of stuff, mostly fun some stressful but all of it worth it.

Can’t wait for the next OCI!

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  1. Whitney B says:

    Way to go Katie! I just think it’s so awesome you’re going for it with your masters. Can’t wait to follow in your footsteps!


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