July 2017

I was reading this blog the other and this girl did something on her blog that I loved!! So, I’m borrowing the idea.

Basically every month she writes about some of the things that happened that month. They are big, medium, small, exciting, dull; basically anything that happened that month. It’s a way to journal without having to feel bad about not journaling every day or week.

So I begin with July…

#1: Sean’s grandparents came to visit.

See post Grandparents

#2: Cj and Sydnee Spjute

So good and bad news: good news is we’ve met such a fun couple and we LOVE them!! bad news is they’re only here for the summer :(. But this means we’re going to hang out with them any chance we get and as long as they like hanging with us!! So far we’ve had them over for dinner a few times, which is always so fun!! Seriously I think we could spend all night talking and hanging out. We also took them to the Whales Rib, went mini golfing and they introduced us to this ice cream place called Chilln…SO DELICIOUS!

Side note: I think we’ve found a couple that loves food as much as we do!!

Side note 2: Sydnee and I beat the boys in mini golf, she hit a miracle long putt to give us the win!! It was great 🙂img_5284

This past weekend they came for dinner and we played the mouthguard game and the Whip cream in the face game (we are kids at heart!).

Grateful we’ve met these great people and can’t wait for a few more adventures this summer!!

#3: Mom comes to town

So every year for my birthday since I was a freshman in high school my mom and I have gone to the Nordstrom Anniversary sale, until last year. Well mom decided she didn’t like not doing our yearly trip so she decided to come out to Florida so we could go together :).

We had a very busy weekend packed full of activities! Saturday was spent at Nordstrom looking for the least business attire professional dress we could find (i just hate the awkward slacks). That night we also went to one of my favorite restauraunts down on the water, GG’s. While there my mom gave me her gift from her and dad…it was a necklace with a Ruby (my birthstone) she got in India and had set when she returned, it’s beautiful.


We also spent some time at ikea…love that store, where we got the most adorable yellow chair for our front room! We also finally have more of a master bedroom!! I love having a house again 🙂


The weekend went by fast, but it was so fun. We love having visitors and were so happy mom could come visit us!! Love you mom!

#3 Planet of the Apes

Sushi and a movie…is there anything better? Haha yes, there are a million things better than sushi, but still a fun date night!

#4 Four year engageversary!

Where has the time gone?!?! Hard to believe Sean asked me to be his wife four years ago. This was the easiest and best decision of my life.


5. Harry Potter

Sean and I started watching the Harry Potter movies for the third time since we’ve been married. Oh and Sean started reading the HP books again, for like the 10th time! Call us nerds, we’ll accept it.

6. My Birthday

Sean is always so great at making my birthday special and this year was no different. He began the day with flowers, BYU socks and half zip (which are my faves!). Unfortunately he had to go to work so I spent the day looking forward to the surprise he had in store for that night. So where did he take me…the Melting Pot, delicious! He also had our cute friends the Spjutes meet us there. We spent the next 3 1/2 hours (yes that long) eating, talking, and laughing! It was so fun and did I mention delicious? I am so blessed to have so many friends and family in my life that support me and make me feel so loved!

I have a feeling the 25th year is going to be great!


This month only has 6, don’t worry I can count, but I’m new at this so…until next month!

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