Grandparents come to visit.

Well we finally had our first visitors to stay at our new house! Sean’s grandparents came to visit this past week and I think we wore them ragged the first few days!! I’m glad they came because we finally had a reason to get a new bed!! And I was happy to have them visit for other reasons as well!!

They got here late Saturday night…I meant to go get them with Sean at 10pm but I ended up waking up on the couch and it was 1130pm. haha, whoops! Anyway they obviously slept in Sunday morning and then we ventured down to the “Venice of America,” aka: Fort Lauderdale.

We went on a water tour to basically see the rich and famous…and let me tell you there is no shortage of extravagance there! For example there was a small yacht, 300 feet long (small ;)) with a gas tank that held 100,000 gallons of gasoline and it cost, wait for it…$500,000 to fill up!! I’m not lying, 1/2 a million dollars to fill it up with gas. Ridiculous! But at least it was affordable at only $200 million. haha totally in our budget ;). It was a fun day though, absolutely gorgeous and not too hot, even though nothing is really too hot for us anymore!


Monday we woke up bright and early and headed down to the everglades. Sean and I did an airboat tour when we first moved out here (2 years ago!!), but it didn’t even compare to this trip! We had a private airboat that took us 20 miles into the middle of the everglades. It was awesome. It’s like an optical illusion as you’re riding through the sawgrass when you look out in front of you it looks as if you’re driving across solid ground, but as you go you see that it’s mainly water with grass sprinkled in there. We saw a few alligators and birds. My favorite part was just gliding across the water, so peaceful and just so cool.


Tuesday was the fourth of July. Sean had to go to church to cook the annual Fourth of July breakfast for the ward. I think Cosby loves this because Sean comes home smelling like bacon 🙂

Unfortunately this year’s fourth was less extravagant than our last few as we both spent most of the day doing homework (not fun!). I finally gave up around 2pm which meant PARTY TIME! Haha we’ll sort of. I was too lazy to go to the pool so I set up the sprinkler out back for me and Cosby to run through…but Cos ruins it all cause he just steps on it while “eating” the water. Weirdo. We played frisbee, ran in the water and despite my yelling Cosby swam in the canal 😩.  We then BBQed, which I have to say, Sean and I are getting quite good at since getting out grill!! I think that’s probably one of my favorite things…sitting out back playing music and grilling!

The food was great and the four of us spent the next few hours just hanging out back enjoying the breeze and humidity ;).

My favorite part of the day was that night as Sean and I ventured to Mullins Park for the Coral Springs fireworks show. We obviously met up with the Shumways (everything is so much fun with them!). This is probably one of the best firework shows I’ve been to! Plus they have fried Oreos which are surprisingly good!! We enjoyed the fireworks and headed home happy and exhausted!


The rest of the week consisted mainly of homework (school is a real buzz kill!). But we got to take Grann and grandpa to a few of our favorite places:

The Whales rib and Deerfield Beach. Heath and Lesley had been talking this place up and luckily it didn’t disappoint! And the beach was beautiful as usual (or so I was told as I was in class).

4 Rivers. The best BBQ joint around!! I seriously love this place!!

We loved having them visit and we’re sad to see them leave!! But we’ll be seeing them again soon!!

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