Kim and Nick’s Wedding May 2016

I first met Kimberly Monroe when I moved to San Diego, I was 8 and she was 7 years old. It’s safe to say she has been and always will be one of my closest and dearest friends. So when she asked me to be in her wedding I wasn’t about to let living across the country stop me from being there!!

Unfortunately Sean couldn’t go with me, but my parents met me in San Diego plus I got to see so many friends, and people I consider family while I was there.

I got in Thursday morning and mom picked me up from the airport. We then immediately headed to one of our favorite “hiking” (not sure you can consider it a hike) spot, Torrey Pines. If I had a dollar for how many times I’ve hiked, ran or walked the trails there…but it has got to be one of my favorite places! We walked and talked and it was of course beautiful!

And of course no trip to SD is completed without a stop at our favorite sandwich shop, Board and Brew. What I’d give for one of there sandwiches right now!!

We then headed to Poway (greatest city every!) and I was able to go over to Kim’s house and see her and her wonderful family. I guess you could say the Monroe family will always hold a special place in my heart. They’ve been like a second family to me over the years. Plus not to mention all the girls camp memories I have with Kim and Charity…I think I could write a post made up solely on stories from girls camp with the Monroe! Anyway, I love the Monroe family and loved seeing them!

That night we then met the Warcups (another family I dearly love) for dinner at their favorite little Chinese joint.

On Friday we spent the morning in La Jolla for Kim’s bachelorette party. Yoga on the beach (so fitting for Kim) followed by brunch at one of the awesome cafes down in La Jolla. We must have been quite the spectacle in our yoga stances as people began taking pictures of us, not sure if we should be flattered or embarrassed. I choose flattered 🙂 The morning was so fun and it was great to catch up with some girls I hadn’t seen in forever and to meet some new friends!

The next day was Saturday, or wedding day. Mom, dad and I started the day with one of our favorite walks, what we called the Jergensen hill, haha again if I had a dollar for all the walks/runs up that hill!! After getting ready we headed to the temple for the sealing. I remember walking into the temple and seeing Nick and Kim sitting there with the BIGGEST smiles on their faces. I couldn’t help but think back to the excited I felt when Sean and I sat there waiting to be married.

The sealing was absolutely beautiful. At least this time it was okay if I cried because I wasn’t the bride and it was okay if my mascara ran 😉 I’ll always remember hugging Kim after and just having this immense love for her and nick (I’m so grateful we’ve stayed friends all these years!).

We then waited for the temple exit (always my favorite part!). Pictures were next.


And then the reception! It was beautiful and so fun to see so many people I hadn’t seen in so long. The food was delicious and the dancing (can never go wrong with a live band!) is always my favorite part. I may be the only one in the world that thinks I can dance, but oh well as long as it’s fun right?!? Anyway, we danced the night away and watched as Kim and Nick rode off into the sunset.

It was seriously such a fun and special wedding. Kim and Nick are some of my favorite people and Sean and I are so blessed to have friends like them. You better believe couples trips are in the future!!

And did I mention…

Kim’s new last name is Stevens?? Really, what are the chances we would end up with such similar names!?! I always knew we were sisters 😉


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