Utah February 2016

Our trips to Utah are some of my favorite trips. There’s nothing like walking out of the airport to see your family waiting there!! This trip was a bit of a spur of the moment thing (as much as two full time working students with a dog can get) but we decided to head to Utah for president’s day weekend.

I wish I would have started writing this stuff down sooner because don’t remember too much from what we did this trip. It was mostly spent just spending time with family (which i guess is a lot of every trip). So this post is going to be mostly pictures. But let’s be honest pictures are always worth a thousand words right?!?

Sean got to spend a day skiing (without a helmet, doesn’t make me very happy) with his dad and some others. I guess i’ll have to like skiing if we ever move back to Utah!5a37c4fc-63bc-4a9b-9f1f-c7bb75ea593b

We introduced Kim and Nick the wonderful world of Chubby’s. Nick was convinced, but Kim not so much. It’s okay though we still love Kim 🙂

Mom dad and I did head down the Poway for a day to finish packing up the house and to kind of say goodbye. It was so sad! I mean this house has so many memories for me:

I remember the tree out front with the rope swing that Emily and I carved our initials into. The scooter gang we formed with all the kids on the cul-de-sac. Hours and hours playing capture the flag, flashlight tag and fetch out front. I had the route from my front door to Emily’s memorized so I could run it in the dark without tripping. Hours and hours spent out back on the basketball court and in the swimming pool. Floating in the pool watching the fireworks at the high school on the Fourth of July. Walking to and from high school (even though my mom drove us a lot :). Family dinners, game nights and many movie watching parties. Blasting music out back while laying out or swimming. Mowing the lawn every Saturday. The countless sleep over with friends over the years. It was hard to say goodbye to a place we’d lived for 14 years! But I’ll always have and cherish the memories and really Poway was the best place to grow up!

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