Universal Studios 2016

So here’s something you may not know about Sean, he is a huge Harry Potter fan. I mean HUGE!! He’s read all the books several times, in the 3 years we’ve been married I think we’ve watched all the movies 3 times through.

He can (and does) quote the movie anytime he gets a chance. This is probably one of my favorites:

Haha I mean come on!!

Anyway in August we met my parents up in Orlando and spent a magical 3 days at universal studios and islands of adventure. But basically just spent all our time in Harry Potter world because it is amazing! I felt as if I were walking through the movie. And the butter beer…need I say more?!? Seriously I dream about that delicious drink all the time!!

So we got up there Thursday morning and of course went golfing…

Another thing you probably don’t know about Sean is that he is AMAZING at planning vacations. He thinks/plans everything out and researches it all and basically I’m just along for the ride (I love it). So even though we were staying with my parents Sean booked a hotel room at an onsite hotel for Friday night. This meant that we got 4 fast passes for Friday and Saturday ($950) for just the price of the room ($350). Plus the fast passes got us early entry those days and I mean fast passes are a must for universal!

We then spent Friday, Saturday, and just part of Sunday riding rides, drinking butter beer and living out our Harry Potter dreams! This place really is something else and absolutely amazing!!

Here’s some highlights:

Did I mention butterbeer. It’s heaven.img_3140

It was a magical weekend. We will be going back!img_3087

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