Okoboji 2015

One of my absolute favorite places to visit is Lake Okoboji in Iowa.

No I did not spell it wrong or even make it up. It’s real, I promise. And this is the best place to vacation. People call me crazy for loving a lake in Iowa so much but let me give you a quick run down on why it’s so awesome.

  1. It is a huge beautiful lake
  2. Boating. Enough said.
  3. Tubing, wake boarding and swimming oh my!!
  4. Arnold’s park rickety old wooden roller coaster (literally feel like you’re going to fly out of it)
  5. Pirate’s cove mini golf, we are still the reigning champs!
  6. Fresh corn everyday
  7. Miles and miles of corn fields to run through (best for training for 1/2 marathon!)
  8. Hours and hours of board games
  9. Did I mention boating?
  10. Jet skiing (and i didn’t even fall in this year!)
  11. The people
  12. Three sons shop
  13. University of Okoboji which isn’t a real school it’s just made up, but they have all this nice Under Armor and Nike apparel 😉
  14. Family
  15. Golfing

This time going to Okoboji was especially special because I got to take Sean to my favorite place. I loved showing him around all my favorite places and he finally got to meet a lot of my dad’s family, which was my favorite part! We went boating, bike riding, mini golfing, road the roller coaster, played golf, swam a lot, ate corn almost every meal, laughed a lot and of course went to three sons. Like I said this is by far one of my favorite places on earth and it was so fun to share it with Sean!

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