Moving to Florida 2015

I told Sean we were not moving to Florida…two years later and we’re still living in Florida.

I get asked all the time how we ended up all the way out here from Utah. Well when sean graduated from college in May 2015 he had a few job offers, but nothing he was really excited about. Then he got a call from a company in Fort Lauderdale to come out for an interview. He decided he would go more for the practice of interviewing because 1) we weren’t moving to Florida and 2) the job was a long shot. Anyway, he got home from the interview and said it went well but we decided that it would have to be a really really good offer to get us to move out there.

Fast forward about 5 days and I was talking to my friend Emily on the way home from work about all of it. I was telling her that we didn’t think much would come from the interview and even if it did we weren’t moving there!! Then I walked in the door and sean held up the post it note with the offer on it and I said to her “shoot em, looks like we’re moving to Florida.”

Well I put in my two weeks at work, we found a townhouse, packed up and shipped our cars and stuff to Florida.

Before we went though I had already planned to run a half marathon with Emily in May. So Sean left for Florida and I stayed with Cosby in Utah for a few days.

Side note: emily and I ran the cottonwood half marathon in 1 hr 48 min! A personal best. I guess we figured after the years of suicides, 8 in 30 sprints (where I always touched the line ;)) and runs around Poway we should add a half marathon to the list. In all seriousness Emily is more of a sister to me and I’m grateful we’ve stayed so close over the years despite living so far apart.

Cosby and I then headed to meet Sean in Fort Lauderdale.

I’d be lying if I said the move was easy for me. I’ve moved before, several times in fact, but I always had a lot of family around me. Now it was just me, Sean and Cosby. But as always the Lord has blessed us in ways we never could have imagined. We’ve met so many wonderful people in our ward, made incredible friends (Shumway family especially), learned so much, had opportunities to grow, and most of all Sean and I have grown even closer. I think moving here was such a blessing for us as a couple to really learn about marriage and strengthen ours. We certainly miss our friends and family, but we have loved our time here in Florida and I guess we’ll see how much longer it lasts ๐Ÿ˜‰

Of course no post of mine is complete without pictures!

Did i mention the Shumway family? We love them. Jessica is one of the kindest, loving, and fun people I have ever met. I remember when I first met her I knew I needed to be friends with her because her happiness was just so contagious! And I mean she and Dave have some of the CUTEST kids!! I think Jane and Ethan are some of our best friends as well ๐Ÿ™‚

As much as Sean and I work and study we also have a lot of fun! Sean is so good at finding things to do and planning everything out. I feel like I’m just along for the ride (which is okay by me)!

Florida may not be my favorite place to live (hot, humid, crowded, alligators) but it sure will be hard to leave someday!


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