Heath, Lesley, and Maddux

​​Our first visitors to Florida were none other than a few of our favorites…Heath, Lesley, and Maddux!

They came in October 2015 and it was so so fun to have them! We of course took them to the Whale’s Rib and they got the famous Dolphin Sandwich (totally a fish and not a real dolphin!), I think we actually went twice :).

We went on a water taxi ride through the Fort Lauderdale waterways…

We tried to spend some time at the beach…the weather had a different plan…img_0278

And the highlight of the trip was our day spent at Lion Country Safari…


Seriously this place is the coolest!! Basically you drive through different habitats of the world and the animals just freely roam around your car! Including Rhinos, Zebras and other animals. Don’t worry the lions are enclosed in their own area. Maddux even got to drive on uncle Sean’s lap. We had a total AFV moment too when an ostrich got a little bit curious of our car and pecked at our window…Mad man wasn’t quite sure what to think of that :). We then spent the afternoon going on the rides and exploring the park, which is awesome by the way! totally recommend it!!

It was so fun to have them come visit. We’re so lucky to have them and wish they would come back to visit!!! I think we mention it like every weekend ;).

Love you Heath, Lesley and Maddux (and now Lilly!)

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