The Long Story

I’m so blessed to be married to an amazing man. I’ve never written our story down, so here it is:

November 2013:

I was living up at BYU in my Junior Year of College and having a blast! This was by far the best year of college thus far and it was about to get even better 😉

One night while studying I received a facebook friend request from a random guy I did not know named Sean Stevenson. Instead of denying right away like usual (cause I got so many random guys asking to be my friend…joke.) I asked one of our mutual friends, Cam, if this guy was cool or creepy. Luckily for Sean he was a labeled cool and in fact not a creep. So with that we became FB friends.

Within 5 minutes of accepting that friend request Sean messaged me (copy and paste from FB):

Hey! Not sure if you remember me i’m cams mission buddy…
i dont sorry but whats up??
No i’m just saying hi haha but my bad…. we met like 2 months ago at a dance after a byu game
*We in fact had not met at a party 2 months ago, in fact we had never met!
**After some nudging from my friend Sarah (thanks;) we decided I should just say I remember him…
ohhh i remember now sorry so many new people this year.
but hi how are you?

what followed was a prime example of flirting at it finest with the conversation ending with Sean getting my number and us making a bet on who would win the Broncos/Chargers game the following sunday…

hmm okay chargers win we go out to lunch broncos win…you choose that part
We go to dinner and you wear broncos stuff at school for a day🙂

haha okay you got a deal

I of course lost the bet (stupid chargers) and my punishment was wearing broncos gear all day at school and going out to dinner with Sean:


Sean then visited me in California for New Years:
We became “official” in  February.
And dated until April when we said goodbye for 3 months as I went home for the summer and Sean stayed in Utah.
I think that this time apart is what helped us fall in love with each other. We spent hours texting, talking, and skyping. We got to know each other better and better and became the best of friends.
Fast forward to June, I was back from my trip to India with Rising Star Outreach (another post to follow) and we were heading up to Utah for a family wedding. This flight from SD to SLC was probably the longest flight of my life! I was so excited to see Sean that I basically ran from the gate to the pick up spot (or so my dad says) and reenacted one of those emotional romantic comedy movie scenes as I leapt into his arms! Just kidding I tried to play it cool, but I knew at that moment this was the man I was going to marry.
The rest of the summer of 2013 was spent with text, talk, and skype as well as Sean flying to SD a few more times including for my birthday…which ended up being the time he proposed.

He got to SD on Friday 7/26 and I was of course late to pick him up from the airport…I blame San Diego traffic! Anyway, I knew that this had to be the trip he would propose if we wanted to get married in January, but I had no idea how he was going to do it!

It didn’t happen Friday night.
It didn’t happen Saturday morning on our amazing hike.
It didn’t happen Saturday afternoon at lunch.
I started to think it wasn’t going to happen at all…
Saturday evening, 7/27, though we went golfing as a family (first clue was my mom was going golfing with us…). As we were driving I said to Sean “are you going to propose this trip because you’re driving me crazy!!”
Well we got to the 9th hole and Sean and my dad ended up in the sand trap and I was right in front of the green (of course;). As we walked up Sean asked for me to come over and give him some pointers to get out of the sand. My response was really kind:
“why do you need me to help you, my dad is way better than me and he’s in the sand with you..”
haha, I almost ruined it all!!
Well my dad convinced me to go help Sean and while I was turned away my dad took the flag out and put the ring box in the hole.
After helping Sean out of the sand I hurriedly walked up and putted my ball in the hole and as I bent down to pick it up I saw it…a silver ring box!
I immediately turned around to Sean running up the green with his hand in his pocket trying to get the ring out…I kind of got up there too quickly for him, whoops! Well, he got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife.
That was the easiest question I had ever been asked and soon became one of my favorite moments!
1004885_4763740306087_788701573_n 547289_10200163199597372_892573709_n
We then spent the next 6 months planning a our wedding. Well I planned, Sean just showed up for pictures and agreed with whatever we chose.
On January 3rd 2014 we were sealed for time and all eternity in the San Diego Temple. It was the best day of my life thus far and I’m so grateful for the life we have together.

 Wedding Video

Long story like I said, but it’s our story and I love it.

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